MANTRA MOVEMENT - j. bellezza
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⋅ Your Roadmap to Success ⋅

The key to life’s success is hidden in your own MANTRA.

Join our MANTRA Movement and let us help guide you to your destiny using your fullest potential.

Are you looking for the next step to advance your career, personal and professional life?

Do you feel as though you are at a crossroads and need guidance to choose the right path?

Are you operating at your fullest potential?

MANTRA Movement is a program created for anyone including hairstylists, teachers, coaches, influencers, fitness instructors, business owners and moms. If you work with others, engage in social settings, or communicate with anyone on a daily basis. This program is for you! We all have a job in life, but finding your true purpose makes it your passion.

MANTRA Movement is the roadmap you need to feel great and function at your highest level. Growth, success, and pure happiness can be achieved, and we have the secret combination that we are NOW ready to share.

Slider Image - Jenna

Business owner, wife, mother of two – Jenna Dashnaw – licensed cosmetologist, certified health specialist, life coach and Creator of brick and mortar j. bellezza boutique, a beauty and wellness lifestyle brand. 

I started my career as a licensed cosmetologist at 18 years old fulling my desire to work with others and create financial stability. I then turned that desire into a passion, became an independent business owner and doubled my income at 25 years old. I used my mantra throughout my personal life to grow my business, become an entrepreneur by opening my first brick and mortar at age 32.

My deep purpose is to share this program with motivated individuals looking for a guide to grow and scale their lives. My proven 6 step MANTRA and strategies put into place for success in not only your business, but also in your personal life.


Want to know more? This NEW offer and exclusive information is now available to you for $27.

What can you achieve from this?

• Take your brand, life, and relationships to the next level.

• Learn how to be magnetic in all you do.

• A breakdown of the MANTRA Movement will explain how you can learn to connect and experience true results.

• Easy to follow guide for implementing the MANTRA Movement into your everyday life

• Two practice templates to help you achieve your goals.

• Start NOW and watch yourself grow immediately.