Our story - j. bellezza
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Our story

Our Mission

At j. bellezza all of the brands we offer are from like-minded companies with the same vision, to provide you with safer beauty solutions without compromising on efficacy. We love trying new products, testing new formulas, and getting to know our brands, founders and their amazing stories. We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products in natural health and beauty to satisfy your every need. The secret is out, natural beauty is in, come join our clean beauty movement.

Jenna’s Story

Living a healthy and clean beauty lifestyle has changed founder Jenna Dashnaw’s life for the better. As a stylist and a chosen career in the beauty industry for over 15 years it was time Jenna took matters into her own hands. Suffering from autoimmune disease, and years of chronic fatigue it wasn’t until she discovered the world of health and beauty combined that truly set her free. Wellness inspiration has always been her passion, while beauty was her career, so she merged the two together and j.bellezza was born. Jenna understands the daily need for beauty products, but does not want to sacrifice health or wellbeing to achieve results. As a Beauty stylist and Certified Health Specialist she truly knows the meaning of “beauty from within” with Years of extensive research and her own health challenges have brought her to this new and exciting beauty and wellness concept. Her passion is now going to spread the word to others who can work, experience, and thrive in a healthier atmosphere and live the life they’re meant to have.

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