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Bio Sculpt Firming Cream


Expertly formulated with multifaceted sculpting ingredients that help firm and tighten the neck and décolleté. With its creamy consistency and potency your skin will be visibly firmer, smoother and have a more voluminous appearance with the first application. This luxurious anti aging cream disappears into the skin with absolutely no residue, but all of the results.

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Suitable for: All skin types, normal, oily, combination, dry, all ages

Solutions for: Loss of firmness and elasticity, especially in the neck and décolleté area, sagging skin, anti-aging, crepey texture, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, helps boost collagen and elastin

What else you need to know:
Formulated with bio active nutrients that help restore skin tension, boost cell turnover, and improve elasticity. This powerful repair cream was made to firm, tighten, and minimize the appearance of aging skin.


Ingredient Highlights:

Leontopodic Acid from the Edelweiss Flower –This ingredient has potent firming actions on the skin due to its rich antioxidant structure that helps protect from environmental damage. It generates a visible lifting action to the skin, and aids in recreating skin tension by helping to restore mitochondrial dynamism.

Sorghum Polyols – Sorghum is an ancient grain from Africa which is known for being very drought resistant. The sustainable Polyols (sugar alcohols) which are found in the stalk form a support network with the skin’s proteins to induce an immediate and lasting tightening effect.

Liposome encapsulated L-ornithine – This active amino acid creates a lipo-filling action to help plump the skin and restore resilience to the tissue.

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