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Tiffani Deitrick

Esthetician :: Suite 10

We all crave the same ‘bare’ skin! While combing science and nature, Bare Esthetics uses only the highest quality products that are beneficial for the skin and body. Specializing in Hydrafacials and waxing, Tiffani has paired her passion for clear, beautiful skin with smooth efficient full body waxing. At a young age Tiffani suffered from acne, she made it her mission to learn the root causes of skin problems not only for herself but also to help others achieve the same results. Bare Esthetics works with each client to develop a personalized skin and body regiment. As a master esthetician for the past 16 years, her calming and confident demeanor radiates positivity whether you are interested in facials or waxing. Tiffani’s ‘bare’ approach to beauty and balance guides you through your journey to being your most radiant and healthy self.