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Davines OI Set

Davines OI Set

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Ideal for all hair types, the OI Set is an easy choice for those who desire beautiful, shiny and fragrant hair.

OI Shampoo:

  • Delicate and sensory cleansing.
  • Enriched with Roucou oil full of beta-carotene and antioxidants.
  • It strengthens hair and protects against the effects of aging and environmental damage.
  • Detangling action.
  • Strong and immediate cosmetic effect.
  • Soft, shiny and full-bodied hair.
  • Persistent perfume.

The ideal shampoo for all hair types, OI Shampoo is infused with nourishing, carotenoid-rich Roucou oil. Our hair softening shampoo has a milky-smooth texture, leaving hair satin-soft, shiny and hydrated - with a long lasting perfume and immediate cosmetic effect.

OI Conditioner:

  • It nourishes and moisturizes the hair with an extra beauty effect.
  • Antioxidant protection from UV rays.
  • Acceleration of the drying process.
  • Strong and immediate cosmetic effect.
  • Extremely soft, full-bodied and luminous hair.
  • Persistent fragrance.

With a rich but light consistency, the award-winning OI Conditioner is the ideal nourishing conditioner for all hair types. Our softening conditioner moisturizes and protects hair from frizziness, while delivering instant shine and softness to the touch. OI Conditioner is formulated with nourishing, carotenoid-rich Roucou Oil.

OI Oil:
Hair is shiny, hydrated, frizz-free and protected from styling and environmental factors.
Persistent fragrance.

OI Oil is our award-winning anti frizz oil with multiple restorative functions. Replenishing, moisturizing and hydrating the hair, our hair oil treatment is especially suitable for coarse or dry hair, but can benefit all hair types. Add shine, softness and a delicious, long lasting scent with this absolute beautifying potion. Use it for easy styling - or for a fresh finishing touch.